Uniques Corporate Design for the Branded Content Professionals

The Brand

We live in a visual world. In times of Youtube, Facebook, Instagram and Co. communication is more and more determined by visual content. Photos, graphics and videos are the red blood cells, the energy carriers that transport content directly and impact-strongly. Today, only those who can convey their messages in a visually attractive way via all channels are perceived. The visualpartners produce original, visual content for your brand and your company. Today, photos and video clips are only a smartphone click away. Stock images available online in large quantities at any time. But both do not create their own visual identity. The visualpartners help you to create truly original, visual brand content.

The Challenge

The visualpartners are an association of 3 creative people who represent the different disciplines of photography & film, design and strategy and who believe in the necessity of unique brand content. Therefore it was necessary to create a modern corporate identity that functions as a roof for the different disciplines.




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