Motion design at the point of sale


is the transport and tarif association that connects the Hamburg city area and surrounding areas in Schleswig-Holstein and Lower Saxony with each other in public transport. The HVV offers four underground lines (operated by Hamburger Hochbahn AG), six S-Bahn lines (operated by S-Bahn Hamburg GmbH), three A-Bahn lines (operated by AKN) as well as large parts of the route network of other regional railway companies, 696 bus lines (operated by Hamburger Hochbahn, VHH and KVG Stade, among others) and eight ferry lines operated by HADAG in the Port of Hamburg and on the Elbe.

The task

This transport service results in many questions and a high demand for information among passengers. Some of this information (e.g. questions about fares and subscriptions) has recently been brought to the passenger via the newly introduced monitors at the service and sales points, centrally controlled and very quickly.



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