The agilis Railway Company

has a small green bird as logo. This stands for dynamism and easy travel in modern, air-conditioned and barrier-free trains. The approximately 380 employees of the two agilis transport networks guarantee quality and customer service on a daily basis. And that pays off: In the quality ranking of the Bayerische Eisenbahngesellschaft, agilis has held top positions for years. Not least thanks to the highly motivated employees …

The task

Apropos employees – why not use the current Recruiting topic as a concept for your image brochure? The employees are actually what is interesting about a company, about every company. People are the most important factor and usually have a lot to tell about their varied, exciting, exciting and responsible work. That’s why, in addition to the facts, we have primarily paid attention to the people behind the scenes.

What else is there to tell about a railway company? Key figures, performance data, route length, vehicles, route networks, etc. We have presented these facts vividly and up-to-date in the form of small infographics …


More references

network maps

Modern vehicles such as the air-conditioned and low-noise Coradia Continental electric locomotives and the environmentally friendly biodiesel-powered Regio-Shuttle with low-floor access, variable multi-purpose areas and toilets for the disabled ensure a pleasant journey.