What does the first “Normalizer” look like?


is a “normalizer”, which prevents the morning symptoms and lets you start the day fresh and lively.

The task

is the development of a packaging and branding concept with the help of which the newly developed product will be successfully launched on the German market in the summer of 2017. The procuctneeds a name, a key visual and a packaging that stands out from the usual “energizers” and makes it clear at first glance how it works – see graphic – a RESET ME drunk during and after the celebration helps you with the degradation processes in your whole body. As a symbol for the interactions we developed a stylized brain …

Now a suitable catchy name had to be found. Who hasn’t often spoken of a “reset” the next morning? This is exactly what the first “Normalizer” does, it resets, i.e. normalizes your operating mode. So we found RESET ME quite suitable. And the first “normalizer” is born.


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