The agilis fleet is forming – consistent branding for the trains

The agilis Railway Company

sees itself as a young transport company based in Regensburg. On behalf of the Free State of Bavaria, agilis will take over parts of the Bavarian local rail passenger transport from December 2010. agilis stands for mobility: for high mobility of our customers as well as for short decision paths in our organisation. The agilis vehicle pool consists exclusively of brand-new railcars. Air-conditioned and low-noise travel is just as much a part of the agilis driving experience as threshold-free entrances and multi-functional interiors in a friendly design.

The task

The first thing a railway company needs is a corporate identity and a suitable design for the train fleet. And this is usually done directly after the award procedure. This is how the newly founded agilis Eisenbahngesellschaft first needed an exterior design for two different train types for the Mitte network and later also for the North network. I won’t forget how I sat with the management and marketing of agilis at Alstom in Salzgitter with the internally adopted designs in a really large meeting room in front of all those responsible in the development department and presented the designs … After initial restraint on the part of Alstom, an excellent cooperation developed so that the vehicle could be presented at the Innotrans in Berlin in an eye-catching manner.


Translated with

The Regioshuttle is agilised


The textile design is branded on agilis

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