Have a good ride through the flat plane

The Nordbahn Railway Company

is commissioned by the State of Schleswig-Holstein and operates local public transport on four regional railway lines in Schleswig-Holstein and Hamburg. Founded in 2002, the volume of traffic on the nordbahn has risen steadily. Today, more than 20,000 passengers a day are brought closer to their destinations in the north – right in the middle, on the coast or in the metropolis of Hamburg.
“nordbahn comes from the north”: this is how the sympathetic railway company sees itself anchored in the region.

The task

After a joint brand workshop we came to the conclusion that communication requires a pinch of North German dry humour. In the service campaign, headlines coupled with unexpected motifs sympathetically demonstrate the wide range of services on offer.

The layout is graphically highly charged to ensure high recognition. The “icing on the cake” are the emojis designed for the northern runway, which accompany the statements in the headline with a twinkle in the eye …

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